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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 10, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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that and how deeply affected they are and other people in this community in new york. we need to pull together in this country and not point fingers in the way he has. that hurts people. >> sean: very well said. we'll leave it on that note. peter johnson, thanks all for being here. greta is continuing with the news. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: six innocent people gunned down. at this hour congresswoman gabrielle giffords shot in the head clinging to life. we are learning more about jared loughner the man accused of doing the unthinkable. loughner was in court a few hours ago. a man who was feet from loughner in court is here. on the record takes you to loughner's home where the accused killer kept a bizarre
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shrine with a skull that is only the beginning. a report is minutes away. >> plus, arizona governor brewer goes on the record. what does a governor do to help a grief stricken state? >> a man who very well might have saved congresswoman giffords' life his name is daniel hernandez he's an intern for the congresswoman and rushed to her side after she was shot. moments ago he went on the record. daniel, very nice to meet you. >> thank you for having me on greta. >> greta: i suppose you know how much we all admire you for your heroic actions, yours and others on saturday it was truly remarkable. >> thank you. >> greta: daniel, i know you have told the story a million times, tell us, what happened? why were you there? take me step-by-step through your morning. >> i recently started as an intern at congresswoman's
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congressional office, started monday of last week in her office. midway through the week i was asked if i would like to help out to staff' vent called congress on your corner. where the congresswoman would go out into the community and try and illicit responses from the community of what was going on, what was on their s? and just have an opportunity to speak with constituents one-on-one. my job was going to be to try and stem the flow of traffic. everyone wouldn't have the opportunity the opportunity to speak with her one-on-one. we wanted to it as orderly as possible so everyone would have a chance to speak with her. >> greta: when did you first notice there was a problem? >> the event was scheduled to go from 10 to 11:third -- to
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11:30. at 10:10 i heard gunshots. i may have heard someone yell gun. because i was at the back of the line signing people in, i was 30 to 40 feet away. the advantage point i had was not very good. i was difficult to see, because i was around a corner where the congresswoman was. if there was a gunshot, i assume that the congresswoman would probably be a target, just because of her position. i wanted to make sure that when i knew gunshots were happening, i would run towards where the congresswoman was to make sure she was okay, as well as those around her. >> greta: you ran up to her and what did you see? >> i ran towards the direction that i knew the congresswoman would be. i saw there were a few people down on the ground. using the basic triage and first-aid skills that i knew, i started assessing the people who were there. i got to two or three people
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checking pulses and making sure they were still breathing before i noticed the congresswoman had been hit. she had been hit pretty severely. she had a gunshot to the head. she became my top and only priority. she was on the ground, so my first instinct was to make sure that i protected her breathing. i know that there's a danger of asphyxiation, especially in the position she was in. i picked her up and propped her up my chest so she was sitting in an upright position so it would be easier for her to breathe. once i had her in a position where she would breathe, i applied pressure to her wound to make sure we could stem as much of the blood loss as possible. >> greta: did she saying anything? >> congresswoman give forces as completely conscious the entire time alert and responsive to what i was saying. however, the way she was communicating was nonverbally.
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she would acknowledge my presence and questions i had by squeezing my arm or hand when i would ask her a question. >> greta: how long did you remain with her? >> i stayed with her the entire time. seconds after the gun shots were fired, until she arrived at university medical center, i was with the congresswoman. >> greta: you were in the ambulance as well? >> that's correct. once the emt's arrived, i no longer saw my job as trying to help her needs physically. i saw that my job had shifted, beca expertsr[ were there. they were trained to know what to do. so i let them take care of that end. i saw my job now became making sure she was okay he amongst ali. making sure i was -- emotionally. making sure i was taking care of her personal needs letting her know she wasn't alone also letting her know we were going to try to get ahold of her husband mark kelly and her
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parents who lived in tucson, which seemed to give her some comfort. also trying to let her know we were doing everything we could to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible. >> greta: what is she like? tell the audience, she has been here a number of times on the air. in your words what is she like? >> congresswoman giffords is the nicest person i've ever met in my entire life. wherever you go across the country, you will hear this. she is the type of person that will tell you, i don't do handshakes, do hugs. even if it is the first time she meets you. she has a warmth around her. she has this very approachable demeanor, that's one of the things that drew me to her in 2008, when i interred -- interned with her congressional campaign. >> greta: we are all pulling for her, she young, strong but has a fighting spirit. daniel she is very lucky you
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were there. we are all hoping for the best on this one. thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: daniel hernandez was not the only hero saturday. there are more stories from that terrible morning. griff jenkins is in arizona. he got the inside story from colonel bill badger who tackled the gunman after being grazed with a bullet. >> reporter: >> reporter: you go down there now take mel to the -- to the moment when you hear gunfire? where are you and what is your recollection of how it happened? >> i walked right up to congresswoman giffords she was talking to somebody, this wonderful 9-year-old girl was standing be side her with smiling on her face. i didn't check very close, because i figured the girl was with the person she was talking to. her aide congresswoman's aide
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told me i would have to get in line. i didn't see a line. what they had was 12 chairs in front of the safeway grocery store and the people who were wait to talk to her were all sitting in these chairs. and they said i would have to register. i walked down the outside of the tape they had along there to the end of the line. and registered. by that time there was another couple standing. i walked up and we were just starring to visit and i had been there less than five minutes when all of a sudden this bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, once it started, it never slowed down, consistent shot one right after the other. i think that he shot the congresswoman first, the little girl and judge roll.
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when i looked at him he was pointing the gun and he wasn't walking, he was just aiming at each one of the people that were sitting in the 12 chairs. i could see him coming, you know i could see what was coming with him shooting and they were falling dead and they were falling -- diving for the pavement. i started to duck and i turned like this to go down. when i did that, i felt a stinging right in the back of my -- >> reporter: you were grazed, that's where the bullet hits you at this point. >> i didn't hear you. >> reporter: you've been struck what happens next? >> okay. i knew that i had been hit. but you know just was burning. and i was on the ground. the shooting stopped. when the shooting stopped, i
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stood up. and i didn't realize that we i stood up the gunman was right in front of me, as close as you are to me. >> reporter: he is this close. >> and he's talking -- and he's walking from my right to high left walking in front of me. he gets about this far, somebody on that side, had one of the folding chairs she were sitting in, folded up and they hit him on the back of the head. they didn't really hit his head because he saw it coming and he ducked like this. most of the weight of the chair hit him on the back. when he did that, he had his gun in his right hand, but his left hand came out away from him and i was able to grab -- >> reporter: he comes, just to get -- he comes across this way. he has the gun in his right hand. someone hits him with the chair and you are able to get
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ahold of him. >> yeah. he's just about right here. i grabbed him like that and i come across and hit him like that and i take him right on down. we go right down to the ground. at the same time i was doing this, there was another individual that hit him on the right side and pushed him down. i got a choke hold on him, like this. and the other individual got his knee on the back of his neck, holding him down. >> reporter: patricia is one of those heroes as well on that fateful day. take me back to what you first remember as shots rang out? >> i was at the back of the line. i heard a shot and i few it was a gunshot. -- and i knew it was a gunshot. there was a slight pause after the first one. a series of very quick shots. at the first shot i had an
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instantaneous decision whether i was going to run or fall to the ground? i could already see the gunman coming. i decided running would be possibly a target. so i laid down on the ground. he continued to shoot until the person before me was a woman that was protecting her teenaged daughter. i don't know if she was standing up or laying down. he gave her three wounds. i expected the next round to be hitting me and i laid there wondering, how bad it was going to be and how a bullet wound would feel? instead, i felt the pressure of the gunman being forced down partially on top of me and on the concrete. two gentlemen had struggled with him and forced him to the ground. as he landed on the ground, they said get the gun.
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i knelt up to lean over his waist and i couldn't reach the gun, but he was butting a magazine out of his left pocket and he dropped it on the pavement and i wasbl a to reach it, before he did. the gun was secured. he was pretty well secured on his upper body. but he was flailing his legs. so i kneeled on his ankles. i was there a couple of seconds when i noticed that one of the gentlemen had a head wound and was bleeding pretty profusely. so i asked another bystander to neil on the shooter's legs and i to -- to kneel on the shooter's legs and i to safeway and i got a compress and held it to his head until the police came and secured the shooter. >> greta: next, arizona governor brewer has a heavy heart tonight. plus, a big job. consoling the people of
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arizona. she goes on the record, next. >> we take out to home of the accused killer jared loughner and talk to one of his classmates. our investigation goes on the ground in arizona, coming up. we have a guest who saw jared loughner a few hours ago. what happened? find out, coming up. [ male announcer things seem 30% tter when you save 30% on ski vacaons at travelocity. in the mountain air everbreath is awesome! [ sniffs ] sniff that! [ both sniff ] ahhh! ahhh! mountain air! [ male announcer ] save 30% on ski vacations at travelocity. it's go time.
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> greta: the nation's heart is broken. six murdered. a child, a federal judge, four other innocent bystanders and a critically injured congresswoman clinging to her life with an uncertain future. all eyes on arizona. the president is heading to arizona wednesday for a memorial service. governor brewer joins us live in phoenix. good evening governor. >> good evening greta. >> greta: there is no blueprint for what a governor is to do in these instances. how do you console your state? >> well, it is such a horrible
10:17 pm
tragedy. you try to lift people up. we are a resilient state. we've got resilient people here. what we have just experienced is of course very shocking. the people have been supported by not only the people of arizona but by the people of america through their prayers. we are certainly in severe pain. and we are mourning. no one likes to have their state or their people or their neighbors or their children or their mother or father murdered in a manner like this. but, we will come together with the strength, i believe of the people, the strength of the people. we will move on. this will not bring us down. >> greta: we are listening, terrible tragedy all the deaths, i don't mean to diminish the lives of those
10:18 pm
who have died. we are watching to see how the congresswoman is doing. we are hearing some encouraging things she is responding to commands. the swelling of the brain has not increased, that's a good sign. i know arizona is a small delegation. you know her. when was the last time you saw her and tell me a little about her? >> i was last time with her in tucson in september at a red cross event. she and i both spoke and talked about the positive things about the red cross. and talked about a few of the issues regarding arizona. gabby served in the legislature when i was secretary of state. she has always been a person of great ideals and a sensitive person that really wanted to serve the people of arizona in particular her constituency. everybody always had a kind word to say for her. prior to this and of course
10:19 pm
now, everybody is finding out what a fabulous person gabby really is. what a great public servant. >> greta: it is interesting. you have this radian smile, she has walked into this studio she has a smile from ear to ear, it is almost contagious. >> it is absolutely. that's the way you usually saw her that big smile even when she was discussing something that maybe you didn't agree with. and i was encouraging. you knew she was listening to you. most of all, you knew she liked you and she cared. she just had that endearing smile. really, we can say that cavalierly about people, with gabby it was true. it is a tragic -- >> greta: governor stand by,
10:20 pm
we have much more after the break. on the record goes on the ground in arizona and takes you to the home of the accused killer jared loughner. you will meet a man who knew loughner. >> you know congresswoman giffords, she has been on the record many times. you will hear her in her own words, coming up. all that and more breaking
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>> greta: unique advantage point aboard the international space station. -- as i look out the window i see a very beautiful planet that seeps violating and peaceful. unfortunately, it is not. these days we are constantly reminded of the unspeakable acts of violence and damage we can inflict upon one another, not just with our acts, but also with our irresponsible words. we are better than this. we must do better. the crew of expedition 26 and the flight control centers around the world would like to observe a moment of silence in honor of all the victims, which include my sister-in-law, gabrielle giffords, a caring
10:24 pm
and dedicated public servant. >> greta: we are bag -- we are back with governor brewer. those words are tough to hear from the congresswoman's brother-in-law. i guess we can position against it against daniel hernandez and the first responders and the other heroes on the ground. we get flipped back and forth before the very ugly and the very wonderful, done we? >> we do. and we have seen both this weekend. i must tell you greta, we have the people here that are truly american heroes, people that put their own lives on the line to protect others. they did it with so much faith and so much courage that it almost makes you think that it is just something that just could never happen. people that were so strong, so caring, so concerned, to put
10:25 pm
their life out there, unthose circumstances. i don't know if i could have done that. but we are proud of all of them. all of them. they were truly arizona's heroes. america's heroes. >> greta: governor saturday, i understand president obama called and spoke to you and he's coming wednesday. what did he say saturday when he called? >> he wanted to let me know they were thinking of us and give me and the state of arizona his condolences. very, very cordial and concerned. he told me that he would give me whatever resources that i needed to be sure this would be investigated and followed through. that he was sending out director mueller to head up the investigation for the fbi and he would be arriving shortly. and if we needed anything to be sure to get ahold of him. let me say that secretary of homeland security janet napolitano also reached out to
10:26 pm
me sunday. we spoke, again she offered all assistant -- all her assistance and help and i'm grateful and the people of arizona are grateful. we will not rest until this is investigated and we get answers that we are all waiting for. >> greta: governor, saturday all our blackberries started going off with news of the shooting. how did first hear about it? >> i was at the capital that morning.o!xy getting ready to practice for my state of the state speech. word came in from the blackberry to my staff. they immediately got me and told me there had been a shooting in tucson, very serious one. and it has been alleged that congresswoman gabby giffords had been shot in the head.
10:27 pm
i was just shocked. it was unbelieve . -- it was unbelieveable. so i asked them again and it was repeated to me. we shutdown and started trying to find information to see what we could do and see if there was people -- if there were people we could contact. i got in touch with the mayor of tucson. he indicated he would call me immediately if he had further information. which he did. that's how we found out. we stayed at the capital like a mini command center so we would be on top of everything. so we would have access to everyone that we would need. >> greta: do you have any update on her medical condition? i realize you are not a doctor, i'm not a doctor i read late today she was struggling with the breathing, she is intubated. i thought that shows a little
10:28 pm
fight in her. >> i have not. i was encouraged this information from the information that i -- from the information that i received. i've been told we won't know for another maybe two days to really find some results, not being a doctor i'm speculating. i think everybody is pretty satisfied with the kind of responses that they are getting from her. she is truly as all the doctors, all the physicians have said, fighting and everything according to the cat scans are looking positive. we are all praying. i just keep saying my prayers and ask everybody else to remember all of them, all of them in their prayers. >> greta: indeed the six that were murdered that we didn't really talk about. our hearts go out to their families too. governor, thank you. i know is a tough time for
10:29 pm
your state, governor thank you. >> thank you and thank america for all their support. >> greta: next the accused killer's house. griff jenkins takes you to the home where loughner kept a bizarre shrine with a skull. we have a guest who was in the same room as at accused cold blooded gunman. what happened? fan out, coming up. -- find out, coming up. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continu ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. is enjoying it together. and right now, a complete seafood dinner for two
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>> greta: who is accused killer engineer rad loughner? today we learn of a shrine built by the accused killer in his backyard. he sits behind a camouflaged tent that contains the replica of a skull, sitting on top of a pot filled with sliver ed oranges. >> reporter: the 22-year-old drop-out who alleged shot 12, killed six. you can see in the driveway, a brown nova neighbors say that's the car that loughner drove most frequently. you see by the front door, a cardboard box that looks like a barricade. reports that the family was barricading the fbi, not true. we believe they were barricading out the press. a still photographer climbed
10:33 pm
in the backyard. that upset the family. the fbi was here for two hours. we don't know what they found. in earlier searches the fbi found note written and signed by loughner that included the words, i planned ahead in my assassination. we are told the fbi found a letter from 2007 from representative giffords to loughner that thanked him for attempting a corner meeting similar to the one that he went to saturday. what we've done here is tried to establish the home scene and what is happening here as well as talk to neighbors and former classmates to find out who is alleged cold blooded killer is. anything unusual about him? some said he would pace the street or something? >> he would like walk around the neighborhood and mumling to himself. the night before the shooting, my brother and sister saw him around 12:00, midnight, --
10:34 pm
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: you weren't classmates? >> my sister was. >> reporter: what does she say about him? anything she remembers about him? >> she was shocked to know it was him. they would go to the bus stop together and talk about class. she said he was a big conspiracy guy. >> reporter: the bus stop, he was talking some of the conspiratorial stuff we've seen on some of the videos? >> definitely. she said something about 9/11 that he thought it was a conspiracy. >> reporter: did you know your neighbor? >> not really. just never came over, never visited. loaners the whole family. -- loners the whole family. >> reporter: some say they did not want if go on camera, but
10:35 pm
now they fear to go on camera to be identified. stephen is a former classmate of loughner. what can you tell us about him? >> he was off. he always seemed off. he wasn't able to connect with people the same way most others can. he spoke it would seem disconnected and people weren't able to understand where he was coming from. >> reporter: what we've all been reporting is obviously the school bounced him, pima community college. you go to the university of arizona and you take class there is. see signs that he should be -- did you see signs that he should be excelled or he could be a threat? >> students were distracted by his presence. i think that's where that came from, people felt threatened around him, they felt uncomfortable. they didn't like pacific in the same room as him. >> reporter: was he a bully? >> no, i never
10:36 pm
>> sean: bullying. >> reporter: what was your outer class interaction? >> i would see him on campus and sit and chat with him. i would show him what i was working on, pretty mundane. >> reporter: what was your reaction once you her the news he committed this who are riff -- you heard the news he committed this horrific rampage? >> of at initial shock, i thought about it more, i understood it. it didn't surprise me really. >> reporter: really? >> he made people uncomfortable. people felt threatened about him existing. when someone gives off that air as powerfully as he did, it is hard to be surprised when something like that actually happens. >> reporter: so he projected, is it fair to say, projected a bit of aggressive or passive aggressive demeanor? >> he clenched his fists a lot,
10:37 pm
white ling his fists sitting at his desk, grinning. that did feel aggressive. he worked out so he had a little bit of muscle tone. so, yeah. >> reporter: passive aggressive or aggressive? >> he wasn't aggressive toward anyone. but he gave off an aggressive feeling f that makes sense. >> reporter: looking back, do you -- do you feel like he was a bit of a ticking time bomb? something may have set this guy off? >> yeah, yeah. that is probably part of why people didn't want him around, because people weren't sure when the fuse would be gone. >> reporter: we are next door to jared loughner's house. you can see the neighbors have allowed us to have a look. my cameraman is going to let you have a look. as you see, lemon trees, lattice, obstructed have you. -- view. you get a look what was
10:38 pm
fascinating, a statue had some sort of skull. police confirmed earlier in the day that did exist. we have perhaps better shots earlier. as you can see now. nothing is happening in that backyard. the fbi is at this moment as i'm doing the report doing a search on the premises. we hope that perhaps we can get more information on who jared loughner is. a very odd statue in the backyard that apparently we believe the father has removed. >> greta: congresswoman giffords is the ucu khrpbging to life. in minutes her neurosurgeon goes on the record. that is coming up. then, a report from a man who a few hours ago saw jared loughner with his own eyes, stay tuned. yellowbook has always been good for business.
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>> greta: there's much more ahead on the record but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the nation's northeast bracing for another winter blast which could arrive as early as tomorrow night. the same system blamed for eight deaths in the south. the storm marized atlanta with freezing rain and 13 inches of snow in some parts. this rare southern chill has closed airports, businesses, schools and left thousands without power. >> tom delay says he will appeal his three year sentence for money laundering.
10:42 pm
he faced life in prison. saying he could not be remorseful for something he didn't do. he was convicted in november for his role to funnel corporate cash to candidates in texas. he could remain free for years during his appeal. i'm ainsley earhart, thanks for watching. now back to on the record with greta. >> greta: at this hour, congresswoman giffords is fighting to stay alive. griff jenkins spoke to her chief neurosurgeon. >> reporter: doctor, what can you tell us about the latest with representative giffords' state? >> she is holding her own. no change is good, to say she not losing ground and we hope she continues to progress. >> reporter: what has changed in the last 24 hours since you have been speaking with the media that is a positive sign? what can you tell us so the people can understand the
10:43 pm
condition she is in? >> fortunately, nothing has changed. she is still following commands and the cat scans don't show progression of swelling so we are cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: representative giffords is responding to command. tell us what she is responding to and what -- >> without going into her specifics, responding commands could be gripping my hand, showing me a finger or two wiggling a thumb, a toe. all of those imply a higher level of function. whereby different parts of the brain from the part that controls your ability to hear, process it, make sense of it and carry out the command that sound is asking you to do, all those centers have to be working more importantly communicating with one another that implies that higher level of function. >> reporter: how is her breathing? is she still on a ventilator? >> she is on a ventilator to protect her air way. >> reporter: how sedated is she? do you anticipate her of
10:44 pm
becoming more aware of her surroundings? >> we want to keep her comfortable that is a gel to get that breathing tube out when it is safe. >> reporter: many have said, she is very lucky. you are the doctor in charge, how lucky is she and why? >> i have a model which unscores that point without going to her specifics of where her bullet went. i can talk to you about where it didn't go. if you look at the middle of the brain cut down the center this is the >> graphic center of the brain this is the area -- this is the gee graphic center of the brain this is all the signals coming in through the spinal cord. if you touch a hot stove the signal comes up the spaoeupl cord relayed through this area, guess to the brain and the brain tells your hand going back down, pull your hand away if she -- if she is able to follow commands it means it is getting through. if the bullet violated this area or area above it much
10:45 pm
different prognosis. >> reporter: it is safe to say the bullet hit some of these upper areas. and that is likely why she is alive. war the chances that anyone could be shot in any parts of that brain like she has been and survive? >> the statistics are abysmal for someone with a opinion traiting gunshot wound that traverses through the skull and throughout brain. -- it is a test men to the fact of how fortunate we are her bullet took a favorable path. the statistics are probably on the order of 5 or 10% in terms of survival with that kind of injury. >> reporter: you you performed a compress sieve crane he can me you removed -- decompress sieve craniotomy. >> the brain which has been insulted by this bullet and this shockwave insulted it is
10:46 pm
going to expand. at the time of surgery the brain was swollen. we had to make a decision to leave that bone off so the brain could swell out and relax rather than push in on those critical centers. the brain can swell out and that can compact down over time if it bushes in on critical centers she might have a in that area and that would have a bad prognosis. >> reporter: where is the part of the skull missing? >> in her face mostly in the frontal region. again, i don't want to go into specifics because of the family's requests. it is higher up. >> reporter: will you put that back? at what point do you have to return parts of her skull to her head? >> we like to put the bone back the least reason u you have to protect your brain. we know patients do better when their brain is not exposed to the atmospheric pressure. at the earliest safe opportunity, usually a couple months we like to put those bones back. >> reporter: doctor, what is
10:47 pm
the full spectrum of the prognosis of recovery for representative giffords? >> with these injuries i've seen the full range, people who barely make a recovery, don't wake up to people who are integrated back into society and are very functional. other than saying that i don't think the specifics of prognosticating are useful. she doesn't even have the breathing tube out yet so we haven't been able to fully assess her and we are hopeful. >> reporter: any signs she can recognize people are there? >> hard to say when you have so many drugs onboard, a breathing tube that restricts your ability to show a smile, hard to say. i think we are all reassured by the fact she is responding to us and i personally believe on a deeper level that maybe she is inter izing some of the voices of the family. >> reporter: this has hit home personally for you? >> tucson is a bigger city
10:48 pm
than most give credit for but it behaves like a smaller city. this event happened a couple miles from where i live. this is the safeway where i shop. my wife was about to go out and go shopping that day. just by a fluke her sister call and kept her on the phone that is just beginning to hit home for me personally many a know a lot are feeling the pain now because in some way or another we are all connected. >> reporter: doctor we appreciate your time and we look forward to following the recovery of representative giffords. >> greta: next, you know congresswoman giffords, several times she has been here to talk to you. in a few minutes you will hear her again in her own words. >> the accused killer loughner was in court today. so was our next guest. he goes on the record, minutes away. naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors
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>> greta: congresswoman gabrielle giffords has gone the record several times. she is from arizona so it is no surprise we talked to the congresswoman about illegal immigration and border security. >> the administration didn't elect me my constituents elected me. our job is to help the hardworking men and women of border patrol who are being out-gunned, out-resourced, out-manned a dangerous situation in many greta: 1 to 1g the worst how serious a problem is illegal immigration in arizona? >> i would give it a nine. it is horrendous now. drug smuggling is a bigger problem than in the past. it is really dangerous to be out on the border in many parts. >> greta: the man accused of killing six and trying to kill
10:53 pm
congresswoman giffords, jared loughner was in court today. david how far were you from the suspect and what observe? >> i was in the front row in a small courtroom. judge anderson's chambers here in phoenix. when jared loughner came in there was lots of anticipation. he came in with a very different appearance and demeanor than what we had become used to. he was subdued almost robotic at times and had a distance look. he had chains around his legs, hands cuffed and wearing a prison jumpsuit that was a little oversized for him. he was prepared by his defense team to know what was coming from the judge. he didn't talk much. he just answered pro forma when asked questions. >> greta: it is interesting to see an accused interact with
10:54 pm
his or her lawyer. she has done a lot of death penalty work. what was the interaction like? did they seem to communicate? >> yes judy clark did a lot of work today to keep her defendant calm it appeared she came in immediately met him when he came in the courtroom with u.s. marshals. several times she patted his shoulder, rubbed his back. when waiting for the judge she pointed -- [ unintelligible ] she mouthed the words quietly, are you okay? before the judge came in he nodded and seemed to say yes. she was right next to him the entire time. she has been -- it is a very high profile case and you can tell she was working very hard today. >> greta: i take it there were no outbursts. anything to suggest there's an insanity defense?
10:55 pm
anything unusual about his conduct that you could observe? >> your viewers have probably seen the picture with the shaved head. he had a bruise on his temple and a sort of a black eye on his left eye. his appearance was different. his demeanor calm, a little distant, no outbursts. he answered very much in the way the defense team would like, said yes several times, recited his name. confirmed various points the judge was making. agreed to waive a bail hearing when asked . the defense team like i said they looked like they walked him through what to expect and he kept calm, and though at times he seemed like mentally he was elsewhere in terms of looking through people and so on. >> greta: david, thank you. >> thanks. >> greta: next, the six gunned down with the congresswoman,
10:56 pm
one victim a 9-year-old girl. another man died while saving his wife. the stories go on and on. that's next. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is norma. who knows how important it is to have her medicine in one place. so noa brings all of her prescriptions to walgreens where her pharmacist can watch out for interactions with her over-the-counter medicine. now norma thinks less about her medicine and more about her vacatn. tell us what you take just once and we'll check for interactions every time.
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innocent people gunned down. these people were murder that had morning. 63-year-old federal judge, appointed to the bench in 1991 by president george hw bush. 9-year-old christina taylor green rs born on september 11th, 2001 just elected to student council, granddaughter of dallas green. 79-year-old widow and great grandmother from new jersey retired in tucson. and a 30-year-old gabe skererman organized saturday's outreach he sflent tucson. 76-year-old dorwin sto


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